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Our aim is to provide entertaining and informative content for aspiring lawyers, law students (both graduate and postgraduate levels) and the law-curious in what appears to be a dearth of Malaysian law blogs.

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The Authors



Jerome Lee aspires to be an all-rounded advocate and solicitor and is currently doing his postgraduate qualification exam in order to be one. Contrary to his cohort, his areas of interest stretches beyond commercial and civil litigation to criminal and international law. His enthusiasm for law lies in the thought-provoking jurisprudence of law and the art of interpretation which presents the constitutional framework as a common sense subject where the truth is subjective. Through various mooting experiences and exposure to actual law in practice, this has allowed him to gather essential practical skills expected of a competent advocate. His myriad history with the legal world provide him with the insight of law in theory and actual law in practice. Thus, he intends to share this experience which will greatly benefit current law students and the community.


Sophia Choy is, amongst other things, a dreamer, baker, speaker, maker and most importantly, a lawyer (in-the-making). Her passion for law stems from the internal wars and peace treaties signed behind doors between countries in her MUN and debating days, rooting for justice and advocating for a good cause. Since university, she’s co-founded a few projects and heavily invested her days in society affairs including UK Outreach, Spring Formal, Law Career Convention, Malaysia Public Policy Competition and now Legally Malaysians. Currently working in KPMG Tax, her blog posts focuses mainly on Tax development in Malaysia with occasion reports on Company Law and Competition Law in a critical and serious manner whilst others in a more light hearted address.